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My name is Waad Al-Hazmi, I graduated with a bachelor degree in Visual Communication: Motion Graphics program, from Dar Al-Hekma University in 2015.

After graduation, I worked in different advertising agencies with multiple local and international clients. The majority of clients I’ve worked with are large-scale companies operating in a variety of industries including automotive, banking, medical, transportation, entertainment and many other.


As part of my career, I also worked as a motion graphics trainer in The National Documentation Institution. I’ve developed the curriculum of the courses, and prepared the required materials. I trained over a 100 trainee with no background in design how to design and animate using Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder all in 10 days. During that period, I was keen to improve my training and teaching skills, so I took intense courses in TOT (training of trainers), and training curriculum development.

I have the skills required for graphic design, illustration, film making and motion graphics including but not limited to brain storming, planning campaigns, researching, writing scenarios, creating storyboards, designing, illustrating, animating, editing and designing sounds.

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